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Stubbs Retro Rug Rail

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Beautiful traditional style rug rail

Expanding their Retro range, Stubbs have created this rail - ideal for rugs outside the stable or in the tack room. The stylish metalwork and beautiful dark wood evoke the quality and class of centuries gone by. The timber is turned with traditional end finials. The combination of wrought iron styled metalwork and waxed hardwood make this a quality partner to the highly popular Retro Saddle and Bridle Racks, introduced in 2016. They have attracted the attention of the most discerning architects and owners, and are now seen in the finest tack rooms around the world; only the practical functionality exceeds the rich appearance. With price tags that are within everyone's reach, all can enjoy this traditional styling. In addition to the wall hooks, the pole ends provide hanging space for hats, coats, head collars, bridles and boots. Black stubbyfine coated steel construction and beautiful waxed hardwood.

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