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Sprenger Sensogan Dynamic RS Universal Bit 40626
Sprenger Sensogan Dynamic RS Universal Bit 40626

Sprenger Sensogan Dynamic RS Universal Bit

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5" - 125mm
5 1/4" - 135mm
5 3/4" - 145mm
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The Sprenger Dynamic RS Universal Bit is a double jointed gag with a Sensogan mouthpiece that is ergonomically shaped, allowing a soft and even distribution of pressure. The middle link is angled forward by 45° and fits exactly between tongue and palate providing comfort for your horse and allows more precise aids from the rider. This three ring bit offers four different rein options depending on where the reins are attached, allowing varying degrees of lever action and a curb strap can also be used. The unique mouthpiece eliminates the nut cracker action of conventional single jointed bits. This bit also helps a lot with turning aids. Sensogan is a new material which has been produced by Sprenger, it's the unique composition of copper, manganese and zinc that make Sensogan different to anything else on the market. Sensogan results in a smoother and more regulated oxidation process in the mouth which helps to make the contact and feel more consistent. Manganese is an important micronutrient which can help to prevent muscle tension thus reducing stress levels and Sensogan delivers regulated levels of manganese to the horse. When used correctly, Dynamic RS bits provide a confident contact - even with sensitive horses due to providing an anatomical fit and excellent pressure distribution which allows the bit to sit comfortably in the horses mouth. 

Size Guide

Available in 5", 5 1/4" or 5 3/4".

Thickness: 16mm.