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Sprenger HS System4 Safety Stirrups

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4 1/4" (Children)
4 3/4" (Ladies)
5 1/4" (Men)
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The Sprenger HS System4 Safety Stirrups feature a stainless steel pivot that moves in four directions simultaneously, reducing the risk of the foot becoming trapped in the stirrup in the event of a fall. It also softens impact on the cartilage and ligaments in your legs, knees and hips, helping to prevent injury and provide comfort. This stirrup has a forward and backward moveable tread which turns the rider’s heels in the correct low position and reduces the risk of becoming stuck in the stirrup in case of an emergency. The movable tread enables a permanent contact and additionally provides very good foothold and relaxed calves. 

Suggested uses

General riding, hacking, schooling, lessons, clinics, competitions, show jumping, dressage, eventing, hunting.

Size Guide

Available in 4 1/4" (Children), 4 3/4" (Ladies) or 5 1/4" (Men).