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Sprenger Flexcite Stirrups

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The Sprenger Flexcite Stirrups are designed for ultimate comfort and support. An innovative design which is perfectly balanced, enabling the rider to sit in the correct position, ensuring optimal and secure thigh and foot positioning. They are specially designed in an articulated shape that helps prevent the rider's foot being caught in the event of a fall, increasing the safety of these stirrups. This unique design along with the wide tread means they are extremely shock-absorbing, meaning that the pressure and strain on the rider's joints and muscle is greatly reduced. These Sprenger Stirrup Irons are crafted with a unique curved shape and wide grip inlay with two different rubber types. This provides superb grip for the rider's foot throughout performance. Finished with subtle Sprenger branding, these stirrups are part of the latest generation of articulated stirrup irons and offer superior functionality without compromising on style. Available in Black and Silver.

Suggested uses

General riding, hacking, schooling, lessons, clinics, competitions, show jumping, dressage, eventing, hunting.

Size Guide

Available in one size 4 3/4".