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Sprenger Dynamic RS WH Ultra Eggbutt Snaffle

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4.75" (120mm)
5 1/8" (130mm)
5 1/2" (140mm)
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The Sprenger Dynamic RS WH Ultra Eggbutt Snaffle features D shaped rings and a Sensogan mouthpiece. The mouthpiece also has an ergonomical shape allowing a soft and even distribution of pressure. It features a middle link that is angled forwards by 45 degrees with a unique roller in the centre that improves chewing activity, concentration and attention of the horse. The angled joint allows direct pressure transmission on the tongue and lower jaw, due to the fixed mouthpiece, the bit lies steady in the horse's mouth, is gentle on the corners of the mouth aids turning.

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Available in 4.75" (120mm), 5 1/8" (130mm) or 5 1/2" (140mm).