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Shires Flat Ring Eggbutt Snaffle with Lozenge

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The Shires Flat Ring Eggbutt Snaffle has a Lozenge which removes the nutcracker action of a single jointed bit and sits more comfortably in the horse's mouth. The Eggbutt feature minimises pinching on the edge of the horse's mouth which can occur from a loose ring snaffle. The Eggbutt also provides a stiller action in the mouth which is ideal for horses who are more fussy. Looking for a single jointed bit? Take a look that the Shires Flat Ring Jointed Eggbutt Snaffle Bit

Size Guide

Available in widths: 4.5", 5.0", 5.5" or 6.0".

Mouthpiece thickness: 14 mm.

Cheek height: 55 mm (for 4.5" width) or 75 mm (for 5.0", 5.5" and 6.0" width).