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Science Supplements Gut Balancer

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Science Supplements Gut Balancer contains a specially protected live yeast which ensures that high enough numbers of live yeast cells reach the hindgut to beneficially influence hindgut function. The dose rate at which it is fed also delivers the highest amount of yeast compared to any other product on the market, ensuring it is highly and rapidly effective. It also contains a source of MOS and betaglucans, which help stimulate the growth of good bacteria and bind mycotoxins produced by fungal contamination of feed.

Feeding Guidelines 

This product is highly concentrated and has a strong taste. For fussy feeders introduce slowly or mix with a small amount of molasses.

Maintenance to support GI health:

Pony - approximately 300kg - feed 2 scoops per day.

Horse - approximately 300kg to 600kg - feed 3 scoops per day. 

Large Horse over 600kg - feed 4 scoops per day. 

For horses requiring additional gut support. Scoops per day for 7 days:

Pony - approximately 250kg - feed 4 scoops per day. 

Horse - approximately 500kg - feed 6 scoops per day. 

Large Horse over 750kg - feed 8 scoops per day. 

What's in it 

Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) from Sugar Beet, Yeast cell walls from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, Rice Flour.

Size Guide

Available in a 1.5 kilogram tub.