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Science Supplements 4Feet Plus

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Science Supplements 4Feet Plus improves hoof horn condition, reduces cracking and splitting, decreases foot sensitivity, and promotes healthy skin and hair. Poor hoof condition is common in all types of horses and ponies and can lead to practical problems such as splitting of the hoof and losing shoes as well as foot pain and lameness. The number one ingredient in any hoof supplement must be Biotin as by far the most scientific evidence for an effect on hoof growth and quality exists for this nutrient. 4Feet Plus contains a very high level of bioavailable D-Biotin (75mg/day for a 500kg horse). As Biotin is absorbed from the hindgut, 4Feet Plus also contains a high dose of a protected live yeast to help ensure a healthy hindgut environment. 

Feeding Guidelines 

The below recommendations are based on the use of a level 25ml (21.3g) scoop and should be given per day. 

Pony - approximately 250kg - feed 2 scoops per day.

Horse - approximately 500kg - feed 3 scoops per day. 

Large Horse over 750kg - feed 4 scoops per day. 

Mix thoroughly with feed and split between meals where possible. Do not exceed the recommended intake.

What's in it 

Biotin, Protected Live Yeast, MSM, DL-Methionine, Organic Zinc, Organic Copper, Organic Manganese, Rice flour.

Size Guide

Available in a 1.5 kilogram or 7.35 kilogram tub.