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Rockies Five Star Lick

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Rockies Five Star Lick is a mineralised salt block based on human-grade Cheshire crystal salt. Horses can regulate their intake of salt and will take more at times of higher demand. It contains several helpful ingredients - bioplex zinc to keep coat and hooves in excellent condition, high levels of copper, manganese and iodine to improve fertility and reproductive capability of brood mares, rosehip to aid respiration, seaweed to help improve skin condition, and cod liver oil to help retain good coat condition all year round.

Feeding Guidelines 

Five Star can be fed all year round, at grass or in the stable, and will help keep your horse in good condition. The 5kg size and the ease of ‘hanging’ from a gatepost or beam make feeding easy for both individuals and small groups.

What's in it 

Zinc, Cod liver oil, Iron, Rosehip, Fenugreek, Seaweed, Rosehip, Fenugreek.

Size Guide

Available in a 5 kilogram box.