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Rescue Studs Type X

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Innovative self tapping studs that fit loose stud holes

Created by a UK farrier with over 25 years’ experience of shoeing and competing horses, Rescue Studs have an innovative design and precision engineering eliminating the age old problem of loose, spinning studs, they will tighten up into the loosest of stud holes and also can be fitted into a new fresh stud hole. There is also a unique slot that will enable you to tighten the stud with a coin or anything you have to hand in case this happens seconds before you enter your competition. Also know as Inivo Studs.


equus bullet Self tapping - can be screwed into any stud hole without the need to tap the threads

equus bullet Fast, easy and safe to insert

equus bullet Tougher than tungsten

equus bullet Rust resistant

equus bullet Unique slot so they can be tightened with most tools or a coin

equus bullet This design is recommended for good to firm ground and all disciplines.

Care instructions

Store in a dry place.

Size Guide

Available in one size.