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PureFlax PureHealth Advanced Veteran Formula with Added Turmeric

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The PureFlax Purehealth Advanced Veteran Formula with Added Turmeric is a highly palatable feed supplement that is naturally low in sugar with good levels of slow release energy. It contains the perfect balance of premium grade linseed, turmeric and black pepper, designed to offer excellent nutritional support to the senior horse. 100% natural and high in Omega 3 with balanced levels of Omega 6.

Feeding Guidelines  

Maintenance rate:

Horses: 4.5 scoops per day (approx. 200g)

Ponies: 3.5 scoops per day (approx. 155g)

Development rate:

Horses: 5.5 scoops per day (approx. 250g)

Ponies: 4.5 scoops per day (approx. 200g)

Size Guide

Available in a 6 kilogram box.

6kg/minimum 30 day supply. 100ml scoop provided.