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Premier Performance Energy Cookies 36415
Premier Performance Energy Cookies 36415

Premier Performance Energy Cookies

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The Premier Performance Energy Cookies can be used to encourage a more energetic performance from your horse. Developed to support energy levels for stamina, strength and recovery without causing short term fizz. They can be used before, during or after exercise to support energy delivery to the horse. They boost with so many essential amino acids and are easy and flexible to use short term or long term. Perfect to help with horses that tire easily and will help with heat and travel fatigue. These energy cookies are a useful solution for horses with special dietary requirements including those that needs a calorie controlled or grain free diet.

Feeding Guidelines 

Energy Cookies can be given before, during or after training or competitions. If giving before exercise please allow 30 mins prior to starting. For intense exercise, 2 Cookies can be given.

Top up at any time and 6 Cookies can be given in a 24-hour period. To promote recovery, give an Energy Cookie after exercise. Build up can be done a couple of days before with 1 to 2 cookies a day.

Maintaining blood glucose during exercise is vital as an energy source for the muscles. Low blood glucose will seriously affect exercise performance.

What's in it

Composition: L-Arginine, Peppermint Leaf

Additives: Soya Flour (NGMO), Flaxseed, Isomaltulose, Ginkgo, Molasses, L-Taurine, L-Proline, L-Valine.

If your horse is lacking energy it is firstly necessary to ensure that the diet provides an appropriate amount of energy, calories, vitamins and minerals for the workload.

Size Guide

Available in a pack of 10 cookies.