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Nuveq Expert Haynet

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  • Ideal Solution for High-Temperature Hay Steaming: Won't contract or distort under extreme heat (when steaming hay in temperatures exceeding 100°C) . They also maintain their structural integrity, ensuring your hay retains its nutritional value and top quality.
  • Safety Without Compromise: Engineered without any metal components. Instead, they have integrated robust plastic rings that are corrosion-resistant and pose no threat to the horse.

  • Practical and Spacious: With a practical 150cm diameter, these hay nets offer ample room to hold a substantial amount of hay. Forget about struggling to fit hay into smaller nets – enjoy the convenience of the perfect size.

  • Dependable Performance: Practical, durable and safe for use ensuring your equine companion has the finest quality forage.
  • Sizes Available: Standard (pink) Large (blue).