Nettex Equine Supalyx Horse and Pony

Vitamin and mineral lick for horses with high protein content


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Nettex Equine Supalyx Horse and Pony is a tasty vitamin and mineral lick to help support your horse or pony's well-being. Includes Diamond V unique fermentation product, with a prebiotic function to help nurture hindgut microbial populations and support performance and overall health. High in naturally sourced protein to support colostrum development in mares. Lower sugar, high in nutrition compared to some alternative licks. Available in Easy Breather (to maintain a healthy respiratory system and soothes coughs and colds), Garlic (to help deter flies and aid digestion), Nimble (to aid healthy joints and support movement issues), or Original (for general health and immune system support). 

Feeding Guidelines

As with any new feed, introduce gradually into the diet before allowing free access. Ensure adequate forage or grazing is always available. Daily intakes may be up to 400g per head – this is influenced by other feeds available, forage quality, work load, age and size.

What's in it

Soya Protein, Minerals, Trace elements, Vitamins, Molasses, Diamond V XPLS.

Size Guide

Available in one size - 6 kilograms.