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NAF Psyllium Husk

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The NAF Psyllium Husk works to naturally clear build-up in the bowels, recommended for horse's on short and sandy grazing. High in digestible fibre to aid digestion and mobility.

Feeding Guidelines 

Add to hard feed. Can be fed daily for maintenance, or at loaded rate for one week monthly to support natural clearance.

Loading Rate (7 days/month):
Horse = 108g per day = 12 scoops
Pony = 54g per day = 6 scoops

Horse = 18g per day = 2 scoops
Pony = 9g per day = 1 scoop

1 Scoop = 15ml

Ideally split between feeds through the day.
Introduce gradually for fussy feeders.
Do not exceed recommended rates.

What's in it 

100% Psyllium Husks (dried)

Size Guide

Available in 1kg bag.