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NAF Biotics

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The NAF Biotics is a unique combination of pre and probiotics that are designed to support the natural microbial repopulation of the gut. This supplement contains live yeasts which are proven to support the health of the horse’s gut. The prebiotic ingredients are fructo-oligosaccharides, they support the growth of micro-organisms in a natural, sustainable form within the digestive tract, this allows beneficial bacteria to proliferate over harmful bacteria. Furthermore, fructo-oligosaccharides are non digestible by enzymes and therefore reach the hind-gut safely and the probiotic ingredients are present as encapsulated live yeast cultures. These are bile resistant and therefore have the ability to pass unharmed through the stomach to reach the large intestine. Here, they work in synergy with the prebiotic ingredients to support healthy, natural and normal digestive function. Biotics is an ideal formula for hard working competition and performance horses, horses recovering from antibiotic therapy and young foals prone to diarrhoea, all of whom can be susceptible to microbial upset and consequently digestive imbalance.

Feeding Guidelines

Horses and Ponies: 

Loading Rate: Days 1-3: 60g per day (4 scoops), Days 4-7: 30g (2 scoops)

Maintenance Rate: 30g per day (2 scoop)

Foals: 30g per day (2 scoop)

What's in it

Whey powder, Elecampane, Brewers' yeast, Fructo-oligosaccharides (6%), Rapeseed oil, Sodium chloride.

Size Guide

Available in a 300g or 800g tub.