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Lorina Flexi Stirrups

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The Lorina Flexi Stirrups are the perfect riding stirrup irons for high impact activities and one of the best stirrups for eventing. The strong rubber joint flexes as pressure is applied, aiding a more correct and secure leg position by allowing you to put more weight into your heels, and creating a great pair of shock absorbing stirrups. The rubber non-slip stirrup treads extend across the entire base of the stirrup and will help to keep your feet securely in position. Flexi stirrups are also the best type for riders with painful knee, ankle or hip joints, as they create a reduction in pressure through your legs. These will be perfect for you if you're looking for support from your stirrups for bad knees or ankle pain. Sold as a pair. Available in Silver and Black. Replacing your stirrup straps? Check out our collection of stirrup leathers

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Available in sizes - 4.5", 4.75", or 5".