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Hy Children's Little Rider Pony Fantasy Socks 3 Pack

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equus bullet 3 pack of pink Hy Little Rider Pony Fantasy Socks.

equus bullet Breathable, moisture wicking.

equus bullet Antibacterial bamboo.

equus bullet Padded feet for comfort.

equus bullet Matching toe, heel and cuff.

The Hy Little Rider Pony Fantasy Socks 3 Pack will complete your young rider's outfit. Made from breathable bamboo fabric which wicks away moisture and contains antibacterial properties, helping to keep feet hygienic and fresh. Padded feet for additional comfort. Comes in a set of three designs of solid pink, pink hearts and horseshoes and pink argyle style. Part of the Little Rider Collection.

Size Guide

Available in children's size 8-12.