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Lister Star Clipper Special Pack

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The Lister Star Clipper are an all mains, double insulated, full width clipper with wrist strap and is very light. These clippers are the first permanent magnet motor clipper of its type on the market, the Star is a powerful, fast and efficient clipper that maintains speed even in tough conditions. Ergonomically designed for a slimmer grip, making them easy to use. This Limited Edition set comes complete with a carry bag but also includes a Clipper Cleaning Brush Filter, Equine Hoof Pick, Stiff Bristles Body Brush, Wahl Dirty Beastie Shampoo 500ml, Wahl Easy Groom Conditioner 500ml, Battery operated cordless trimmer, 2 close trim guide combs 3mm & 4.5mm (0.5 - 4.5mm), Blade guard and Blade oil.


equus bullet Powerful 45W motor for fast clipping.

equus bullet Ventilated head prevents the blades and head from getting hot and causing discomfort.

equus bullet Overload switch protects the motor from damage.

equus bullet Air filters are removable and replaceable for easy maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Weight: 800g.

Grip diameter: 57mm.

Power source: mains.

Warranty & Servicing

Contact Lister directly here for servicing and repairs.