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Lincoln Pig Oil and Sulphur

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The Lincoln Pig Oil and Sulphur is ready to use and has been formulated especially for use on horses. It is known for it's beneficial properties, particularly for the maintenance of healthy skin and hair of horses with thick and long feathers. It works well as a barrier to wet and mud and has also been used to help prevent parasites and pests. Long acting oil which doesn't need to be applied daily, perfect if your horse is prone to mud fever.


equus bullet Pre-mixed preparation designed for use on horses.

equus bullet Shields skin and hair from mud and wet.

equus bullet Helps keep white hair clean.

equus bullet Excellent to help prevent mud fever in horses.

We Say

Make the management of our hairy, well feathered friends much easier by using this mixture regularly to keep the leg hair and skin strong and healthy. It is also excellent for preventing and managing mud fever, for more information about mud fever, take a look at our blog - What is mud fever and how do I treat it?

Suggested uses

As a barrier lotion.

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