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Lincoln Liquid Electrolytes

Rapid rehydration and electrolyte replacement for horses and ponies


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Lincoln Liquid Electrolytes provide rapid electrolyte replenishment and water rehydration for horses post-exercise. Rapidly absorbed thanks to its liquid formulation, these electrolytes can be offered daily or immediately after exercise. They can also be offered prior to work when conditions indicate it may be required, such as on hot and humid days. Apple flavoured to increase palatiability. 

Feeding Guidelines

Ponies under 300kg in normal exercise: 40ml added to at least 3 litres of fresh drinking water.

Horses over 300kg in normal exercise: 75ml added to at least 4 litres of fresh drinking water. 

Ponies under 300kg in heavy exercise: 80ml added to at least 6 litres of fresh drinking water.

Horses over 300kg in heavy exercise: 150ml added to 8 litres of fresh drinking water.

What's in it

Sodium, Chloride, Phosphorous, and Potassium. 

Size Guide 

Available in a 1 Litre bottle with squeeze measure.