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Korsteel JP Stainless Steel French Link Baucher Snaffle Bit

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Korsteel's JP Stainless Steel French Link Baucher Snaffle, also known as the hanging cheek snaffle, is a great choice if your horse likes a steadier bit contact, or if you need something just a little stronger than a regular snaffle. This bit features a large ring at the cheek and a smaller ring set above for attachment to the bridle. The longer cheeks allow a small amount of poll pressure to be applied when the bit is engaged which can therefore help encourage your horse to lower his head. This bit is also useful with horses who hold their head slightly higher. The JP curve design allows more room for your horse's tongue and prevents the bit from hitting the roof of the mouth. It also eliminates the pinching nutcracker action. There is no direct pressure on the tongue or bars of the mouth, which consequently encourages your horse to relax

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Available in 4.5", 5", 5.5", or 6".