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Keratex Frog Power Cleanser

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Powerful antibacterial disinfectant

This site specific disinfectant from Keratex can be squirted directly onto the affected area destroying harmful microbes without harming the soft tissues of the frog itself. It also protects the frog from the absorption of dirty water or urine and helps in the recovery process.


equus bullet For the treatment of thrush and unhealthy frogs

equus bullet Soothing, cleansing and restorative

equus bullet Prevents saturation of the frog which helps prevent bacterial and fungal activity

equus bullet Comes in a handy, squirty bottle.

We Say

A powerful product which gets right to the heart of a difficult problem, a little squirt does a lot of good.

Suggested uses

Apply directly to the affected tissues of unhealthy frogs.


Contains Tea Tree Oil.

Size Guide

Available in a 50ml squeezy bottle.