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Horsena Easy Fit Gel Bit Guard

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equus bullet Protect the mouth from pinching.

equus bullet Ultra-thin design.

equus bullet Supports the bit making it straight and balanced.

equus bullet Made of hypoallergenic and antibacterial gel.

equus bullet Leaves free mobility to the mouthpiece, encouraging the horse’s natural chewing.

equus bullet Holes allow foam to escape.

equus bullet Anti-slip gel avoids rotation.

equus bullet Easy to fit and adapts to any type of bit.

equus bullet Suited for all equestrian disciplines.

The Horsena Easy Fit Gel Bit Guard protects your horse's mouth from pinching while helping to gain more bit control. The ultra-slim design provides optimal protection without altering the size of the bit. Despite the thin design, the guards provide adequate support to the bit, keeping it straight and balanced in the mouth, allowing better control and responsiveness. The bit guards encourage the horse's natural chewing by allowing free mobility to the mouthpiece and the rings. The network of  holes allow liquid drainage and airflow, meaning foam can escape. Available in Black.

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