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Horsena Dressage Gel Pad

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Back Riser
Front Riser
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equus bullet Anatomically designed gel riser to ensure maximum comfort and a perfect fit.

equus bullet Hexagonal no-impact 3D structure for discreet shock absorption.

equus bullet Slip-resistant with excellent grip to the saddle.

equus bullet Relieves and distributes pressure.

equus bullet Reduced thickness in the centre to adapt to horse's withers.

equus bullet Allows continuous airflow.

equus bullet Designed to integrate perfectly with the saddle.

The Horsena Dressage Gel Pads are specially designed for the perfect fit to both the horse and the saddle. The gel pad is discreet without comprising on shock absorption with the hexagonal no-impact 3D structure of separate open cells. Full comfort for your horse with the shape accommodating for the withers and airflow to keep them cool. Available in Black.

Back Riser

Provides support in the rear, raising the cantle area and balancing the saddle.

Front Riser

Particularly suited to horses with high withers.


Great for all types of saddles, riders and horses.


Light and extra-thin, nearly invisible.

Size Guide

Available in One Size. In shapes Back Riser, Front Riser, Regular or Slim.