Hilton Herbs Tranquility Gold

Natural support for nervous or excitable dogs


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Hilton Herbs Tranquility Gold is a fast-absorbing liquid supplement containing herbs such as valerian and chamomile to provide support for over-excitable or nervous dogs. This supplement can help a variety of dogs, from rescue animals to youngsters or even nervous show dogs. It is designed to support a calm and balanced nervous system and is perfect for young, excitable dogs whilst undergoing training, rescue dogs settling into a new home, dogs who have received previous bad treatment, and those sensitive to loud noises or worried by travelling. After initial use, you could go onto the dry equivalent, Tranquility (it is not recommended to give both together). 

Feeding Guidelines

Shake well before use. Add to normal food. It is recommended to split the total daily amount between two meals for optimum absorption. Can be orally syringed if necessary. 

Dogs weighing up to 5kg (11lbs): 1 - 2ml twice a day.

Dogs weighing up to 10kg (22lbs): 2 - 4ml twice a day.

Dogs weighing up to 20kg (44lbs): 4 - 8ml twice a day.

Dogs weighing up to 30kg (66lbs): 6 - 12ml twice a day.

Dogs weighing up to 40kg (88lbs): 8 - 16ml twice a day.

What's in it

Valerian root, Scullcap herb, Vervain herb, Chamomile flowers, Marshmallow root, Hawthorn berries, Meadowsweet herb, and Apple Cider Vinegar

Size Guide

Available in a 500ml bottle.