Hilton Herbs Psyllium Husks

Soaks up sandy deposits which occur from sandy or gravely turnout paddocks.


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Hilton Herbs Psyllium Husks is the ideal digestive supplement to aid your horse if he is kept on sandy or gravelly turnout area. When ingested the Psyllium swells and forms a mucilagenous and gel like substance which passes through the digestive system acting as a hydroscopic sponge, to soak up and help clear any sandy deposits. It is important when feeding Psyllim that your horse has access to water and is allowed free movement in a turnout area to maintain healthy digestive movement.

Feeding Guidelines

HorsesAdd to feed on a daily basis, if possible splitting the required amount between two feeds.

Give as advised by your Vet. As a general guideline it is recommended to give 2 to 3 x 15 ml scoops per day for 7 days (one level 15ml scoop weighs approx 6 grams). If necessary can be given for longer, but be advised by your vet. Repeat as necessary. Ensure the horse is not unduly confined during this time (movement provides essential digestive function). Ensure the horse has free access to water at all times.

What's in it

Psyllium husks (Plantago Ovata).

Size Guide

Available in a 1 Kilogram tub.