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Hestevard Pagophyt

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equus bullet Liquid supplement to support natural regeneration.

equus bullet Contains Devil's Claw, Nucleotides, Manuka Honey and Yucca.

equus bullet Anti-inflammatory benefits, reducing inflammation in joints.

The Hestevard Pagophyt is part of their signature range. The supplement formula supports overall horse regeneration including joints. Containing natural regenerating ingredients including Devil's Claw, Nucleotides and Yucca combined with Manuka Honey. Devil's claw is a useful natural herbal equine anti-inflammatory, reducing inflammation in joints.

What's in it 

Nucleotides, Yucca, Manuka Honey, Devil's Claw extract.

Feed Instructions

30ml per day. Add to normal feed ration.

Size Guide

Available in 840ml.