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Hestevard Kur-Q-Flex

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equus bullet Liquid supplement supporting the maintenance of joints.

equus bullet A bioavailable source of anti-inflammatory ingredient Curcumin.

equus bullet Anti-oxidant for muscle and exercise recovery.

equus bullet Suitable for horses or ponies showing signs of stiffness, during rehab, intense training/competition or older in age.

equus bullet Suitable for every day use.

The Hestevard Kur-Q-Flex is a complimentary feed to support the maintenance of joints. The bioavailable source of Curcumin, extracted from Tumeric, provides anti-inflammatory benefits. A liquid Curcumin formula suitable for every day use.

What's in it 

Sorbitol, Glycerine, Curcumin

Feeding Instructions

Add to normal feed ration.

During periods of intense exercise or competition - 60ml per day.

As a maintenance rate - 30ml per day.

1ltr bottle provides up to 33 days supply.

Size Guide

Available in 1 Litre.