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Hestevard Biofix-40

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equus bullet Nutritious mini pellets to promote healthy hooves.

equus bullet Containing Biotin, Zinc and vitamins.

equus bullet Supports the condition and strength of hooves.

The Hestevard Biofix-40 is complementary feed in mini pellet form containing a nutritious blend of Biotin and Zinc along with a range of other nutritious vitamins, minerals and trace elements to support healthy hooves. For Horses and Ponies only.

Feeding Instructions

Ponies under 300kg: 50g daily

Horses over 300kg: 100g daily

Add to daily feed ration. For maintenance, the feed rate may be halved from the normal rate. 

1 cup = 100g approximately.

What's in it

Micronized (Sugar) Beet Pulp, Black Oats, Linseed Expeller, 5% Oligosaccharides (Mannan), 3% Methionine, Mineral & Vitamin Premix, Seaweed Meal, Vegetable Oils & Fats, 1% Collagen Matrix, Toxin Binders, Calcium Sulphate (11.1.8)(Pellet Binder), Yeast Cell Wall.

Vitamins per kg

Vitamin C (3a300 Ascorbic Acid) 1000mg, Biotin (3a880) 400mg, Vitamin A precursor (E160a (ii) Beta-Carotene) 62mg.

Size Guide

Available in 3kg.