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Hepp Cross Country Stud Kit 627528
Hepp Cross Country Stud Kit 627528

Hepp Cross Country Stud Kit

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Heavy duty stud kit for cross country riding

This top quality, heavy duty stud kit from Hepp contains 32 durable studs with a screw driver and wrench providing everything you need as a cross country rider. These superior studs are self cleaning and self tapping, so they're quick, safe and easy to use.


equus bullet Extensive range of sturdy, durable studs and accessories

equus bullet Type 13 studs, 10 mm - short multi-purpose stud for wet ground (8 studs) 

equus bullet Type 17 studs, 16 mm - long multi-purpose stud for wet ground (8 studs) 

equus bullet Type 19 studs, 15 mm - medium length conical stud for dry ground (8 studs) 

equus bullet Type 20 studs, 20 mm - long conical stud for dry ground (8 studs) 

equus bullet Quick and easy self cutting thread that cuts out the dirt when it's screwed in

equus bullet Self tapping studs - no thread drill required

equus bullet Made in Germany

equus bullet Easy application and removal with the Hepp plug wrench - included in this pack

equus bullet All studs are made from hardened steel with a galvanised surface and a hard metal pin

equus bullet Screwdriver included.

Care instructions

Store in a dry place.

Size Guide

Available in thread size - 3/8".