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Animal Health Company Tranquil E

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Animal Health Company's Tranquil E is a calmer based on an aqueous infusion of Valerian Root. Tranquil E is a natural calmer used for when spirits are excessively high and specific unmanageable conditions can lead to control problems. This calmer will naturally help calm your horse or pony without removing its 'competitive edge.'

Feeding Guidelines

In situations that may cause anxiety or stress (e.g. transportation, schooling etc): use 1-2 days prior to the activity and again on the day of the activity.

Horses and ponies that react to things such as loud noise, severe weather, sudden movement, new surroundings etc. should be given on a regular basis.

What's in it

Extract of Valeriana Officinalis, Water, Propionic Acid, Acetic Acid.

Size Guide

Available in 1 Litre or 2.5 Litres.