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Handsfree Handling Muzzle

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The Handsfree Handling Muzzle is designed to be worn with the Handsfree Handling Headcollar and is a perfect distraction tool. This muzzle can be used with a Mini Horslyx Lick to keep your horse occupied when handing, ensuring your safety and keeping you horse happy and relaxed. It can be used for clipping, shoeing/trimming, mane pulling/trimming, vet visits, loading, in the trailer or at shows! It can also be used without the lick as a regular grazing muzzle, limiting your horses grass intake whilst in the field. It features an adjustable muzzle with ergonomic breathing holes, three patented quick release clips and soft fleece for your horses comfort. Available in Black.


equus bullet Versatile distraction muzzle.

equus bullet Extra deep fitting to allow a Mini Horslyx Lick to sit comfortably at the bottom.

equus bullet Ergonomic breathing holes.

equus bullet 3 patented quick release clips for use with the Handsfree Handling headcollar.

equus bullet Soft fleece for comfort.

equus bullet The muzzle is cut away at the back to help provide a comfortable fit and has soft fleece fitted around the top to help prevent rubbing.

equus bullet Can be adjusted to be used with or without a lick, enabling it to be used as a grazing muzzle.

equus bullet Available in Black.

Care Instructions

Hand wash in warm water.



Size Guide

Available in Pony, Cob, Full and Extra Full sizes. 

Please note this is just the muzzle, you will need to buy the headcollar separately.