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H. Bradshaw's Coligone Calm Down Paste Syringe

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The H. Bradshaw's Coligone Calm Down Paste Syringe helps to soothe the digestive tract and guards against gastric irritation while the naturally sourced calming capabilities of calcium and magnesium relax stressy horses. The paste replenishes the good bacteria in the hind gut which is lost during stressful times. It supports the hind gut and promotes a healthy equibiom, making it ideal for use during stressful situations, where you require your horse to be calm and focused. Great for travelling, competing and periods without food, which unbalance acid levels. Coligone Calm Down Paste maintains healthy acid levels which can be brought on by stress, and long periods without food, where sufficient saliva isn’t being produced to buffer excess gastric acid.

Feeding Guidelines

Horses: 50g

Ponies/Youngstock: 30g

Syringe orally, 20/30 mins prior to anything stressful, or as soon as you find your horse requiring immediate stress relief. It works within 20-30 minutes of feeding. Can be topped up during long journeys and for return journeys if required.

Can be used adhoc when required or twice daily.

What's in it 

Seaweed Buffer 100g/L,

Sodium Bicarbonate 30g/L,

MOS/ScFOS Prebiotics 30%

Size Guide

Available in a 50 gram syringe.