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GWF X-Lam Aid Pellets For Horses

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GWF's X-Lam Aid Pellets For Horses is a high specification complementary feed supplement that provides comprehensive nutritional support for equines susceptible to, or recovering from, the effects of Laminitis. It contains a combination of eleven active nutraceuticals, including omega 3 and the oatinol delivery system.

Feeding Guidelines

Simply mix with your horse or pony's normal feed.​ 1 measure = 100gms. A measure is included in the pack.

What's in it

Black Oats, Hemp Seed Meal, Micronized (Sugar) Beet Pulp, 15% Calcareous Marine Shells (Natural Buffer), 4.5% Vegetable Oils & Fats (Oatinol), 2% Microscopic Toxin Binder, 2% Yeast & Oat Oligosaccharides, 0.5% Curcumin, 0.5% Collagen Matrix, Vitamins B6, B12 and C, Folic Acid, and Manganese.

Size Guide

Available in a 5 Kilogram tub.