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Gold Label Vitamin E 1000

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Gold Label's Vitamin E 1000 supplement contains a high potency vitamin E 1000 with selenium and muscle building lysine. It helps your horse to achieve peak fitness and condition. Promotes growth and maintains healthy muscles. Can also help to maintain fertility.

Feeding Guidelines 

Competition horses - 2 x measures daily during competition season, up to 10 x measures during intense stress or prolonged travelling. 

Breeding Stallions - 2 x measures daily. 

Breeding mares - 4 x measures daily for one week, then 3 x measures daily for the second week, reduce to 2 x measures daily on the third week. 

Maiden or barren mares - 8 measures daily until conception.

What's in it 

Vitamin E, Selenium, Lysine, Seplolite.

Size Guide

Available in a 500 Gram tub, 1 Kilogram tub, or a 3 Kilogram tub.