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Gold Label Stockholm Tar Spray

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Traditional antibacterial hoof care

This Gold Label Stockholm Tar takes the classic, thick, original product and makes it more user friendly in this handy spray form. The aerosol spray delivers the tar to the hoof at high pressure to allow good coverage and penetration into any deep cracks and crevices.


equus bullet Natural pine tar with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties

equus bullet Traditional hoof treatment in a handy spray

equus bullet The high pressure spray ensures deeper penetration and good coverage

equus bullet For disinfection of the sole and frog

equus bullet Gives a waterproof, protective barrier to the hoof

equus bullet Great substance to help prevent snow from 'balling' and sticking to the hoof.

We Say

A 'no-mess' alternative to the classic all-round hoof treatment for cold and wet weather.

Suggested uses

Hoof maintenance and protection especially in cold and wet conditions.


Contains natural pine tar oil.

Size Guide

Comes in a 200ml can.