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Gold Label Cod Liver Oil with Garlic

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Gold Label Cod Liver Oil with garlic is a mixture of cod liver oil, marine oils and pure vegetable oil, with the added properties of garlic oil. It is a stabilised source of vitamins needed for general health and condition. Ideal for show stock, young and pregnant animals. An energy source which reduces dust and also improves the palatability of feed. Also helps to maintain suppleness and mobility.

Feeding Guidelines 

Horses - 2 x tablespoons (30ml) daily into feed.

Ponies - 1 x tablespoons (15ml) daily intoi feed.

Very large horses - 3 x tablespoons (45ml) daily into feed. 

For mares in latter stages of pregnancy use double the amount.

What's in it 

Cod Liver Oil, Marine Oil, Pure Vegetable Oil, Garlic.

Size Guide

Available in 1 Litre or 5 Litres.