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Freestep Instamag

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Freestep's Instamag is for easily spooked or excitable horses and those lacking in concentration. Transdermal application is the fastest way to deliver magnesium into the tissues/blood and onto the brain. Fast acting, easily tolerated and promotes a willing attitude.

How to use

Do not spray into the eyes or on broken skin.  Not to be used orally by animals or humans.

To apply spray directly on to the neck of your horse. Mist heavily and then gently rub into the horses skin pores, or if possible as close to the ears as possible.  Some people spray onto a fly veil and then the spray is absorbed from the fly veil.

It is advised to administer the Freestep InstaMag Calming Spray approximately 20 - 30 minutes before the desired affect is required.

12ml is the equivalent of 12 sprays and is the recommended daily dosage.

What's in it 

Magnesium Chloride Natural Spring Water.

Size Guide

Available in 300 ml or 500 ml.