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Freestep GGM Gastrofree

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equus bullet Freestep supplement to naturally support gastro-intestinal function.

equus bullet Replacement plant nutrients.

equus bullet Easily absorbed.

equus bullet For horses stabled for long periods or without access to grazing or plant nutrients.

The Freestep GGM Gastrofree is a complimentary feed for horses to naturally support gastro-intestinal function. Ideal for horses stabled for long periods, competing horses and those travelling due to limited access to grazing and vital plant nutrients. Contains a wide range of easily absorbed plant nutrients to replace what is missing in their diet. This product is formulated to comply with the FEI.

Feeding Instructions

One 10ml scoop a day.

Not to be fed to breeding mares.

For horses involved in competition and travelling, you can begin with one scoop twice a day for one week and then go onto one a day.

What's in it 

Avena Sativa Herba, Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Carbonate, Dandelion, Marshmallow, Chamomile.

Size Guide

Available in 250g, 500g or 1kg.