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Equine Management Gel-Eze Bandage

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Cooling gel under bandage

This Equine Management Gel-Eze Bandage protects the horse's leg when bandaged, it also acts as an instant cold compress for sore joints/tendons. It helps to aid the recovery from strenuous exercise and hard ground trauma.


equus bullet Protects the horse's legs

equus bullet When chilled; acts as an instant cold compress for sore joints and tendons

equus bullet Helps to aid the recovery caused by strenuous work and hard ground trauma such as concussion

equus bullet Easy and simple to use

equus bullet Can be used on the knees and hocks and other awkward joints

equus bullet Non-toxic

equus bullet Reusable

equus bullet Environmentally friendly

equus bullet Available in blue.

We say

This revolutionary under-bandage allows horse owners to move away from time consuming tubbing or hosing, giving a smart, easy to use solution to the care of joints and tendons. 



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