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Equimins Marvellous Mud Mates Combo

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Ultimate protection against mud fever

This pack from Equimins contains a cleansing scrub and a tough barrier cream for an all round treatment and prevention system against mud borne infections. The Winter Leg Scrub is a concentrated antibacterial and antifungal leg wash, for use when your horse comes in. The Mud Block Cream is anti-bacterial and contains essential oils, aloe vera and zinc, it protects the legs when your horse goes out.


equus bullet Soft, non-greasy cream which provides a barrier for muddy conditions

equus bullet Leg Scrub is antibacterial and antifungal to cover all types of unwanted microbes

equus bullet Contains Cetrimide - a powerful bacteriostat

equus bullet Both products are easy to use.

We Say

A super kit to cover all aspects of mud fever treatment, care and prevention and very simple and straightforward to use.

Suggested uses

Leg wash is for cleansing the lower legs when the horse comes in and should be left on. The barrier cream is for coverage of the vulnerable skin on the lower legs before turnout or exercise.


Mud Block Cream: Aqua, glycerine, cetrimide, tea tree oil, lavender oil, stearic acid, lanolin, cetyl alcohol, prophyl parabens, methyl parabens, silicone emulsion, mineral oil, castor oil, petroleum jelly, zinc oxide.

Winter Leg Scrub: Microlat natural bactericide, cetrimide, cocomidopropyl betaine.

Size Guide

Mud Block Cream is in a 500g tub and Winter Leg Scrub is in a 500ml bottle.