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Equimins Extra Strength Fly Repellent Spray

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500ml Spray
750ml Spray
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The Equimins Extra Strong Fly Spray formula has been extensively tested in the Far East, where flying insects are a major problem all year around. The results were impressive and proved that this product is a major contender in the fight against summer pests. This fly repellent features active ingredients that include Neem, DEET and two herbal extracts, this spray is a force to be reckoned with.


equus bullet Equine fly spray proven to be effective even in extreme conditions.

equus bullet Contains DEET and Neem - highly repellent to flying insects.

equus bullet No adverse allergic reactions.

We Say

Although this is more expensive than the other Equimins Fly Repellent, a little goes a long way making it outstanding value. For additional protection, take a look at our range of Sweet Itch and Fly Rugs.

Suggested uses

Everyday riding, showing, hacking and turnout in the summer months.


Neem extract, quassia extract, catnip extract, DEET (diethyl toluamide), ethyl butylacelaminopropionate, dimethy phalate and isopropanol.

Care Instructions

Store between 10-20°C.

Size Guide

Available in 2 sizes: 500ml and 750ml.