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Equimins Dicalcium Phosphate

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Equimins Dicalcium Phosphate is the most widely used feed phosphate in Europe. It is an ideal product to use in all kinds of feed because of its high biological value and its Calcium and Phosphorus ratio of 1.3:1. Calcium and Phosphorus represent up to 70% of the mineral content of the horses body. It is essential for optimum skeletal development in foals, as well as brood mares and veteran horses, where these two important minerals are often lacking. Contains no banned substances under Jockey Club and FEI rules.

Feeding Guidelines

Adult Horses: 1 measure per day (50g).

Brood Mares: 2 measures per day (100g).

Young Stock: 2 measures per day (100g).

What's in it

Phosphorus, Calcium, Oil, Protein, Fibre.

Size Guide

Available in a 4 Kilogram tub.