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Equilibrium Hot or Cold Pouches

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The Equilibrium Hot or Cold Pouches can be added to the lining of the Equilibrium Magnetic Chaps, the Hind and Hock Magnetic Chaps or under a bandage to target exactly where your horse needs it. They have many uses, use cold for post exercise, hot for relaxation and warm up prior to exercise. Hot and cold can be combined for muscle health after strenuous exercise or use hot for maintaining muscle health. Contains 2x hot/cold packs and pouches. 

Usage Instructions:

Place the gel pack into the provided pouch and keep it in the pouch when in use – only remove it when the pouch needs cleaning. Never place the gel pack directly onto the horse.

Cold: freeze the gel pack in its pouch for a minimum of 60 minutes. The pack can be stored in the freezer until it is needed. The pack will quickly become flexible after being taken out of the freezer. Apply where required for a minimum of 10 minutes. DO NOT use cold prior to exercise.

Hot: Place the gel pack inside the pouch provided and lay flat in the microwave on a high setting for 15-20 seconds only. If the desired temperature is not met, increase the time by 5 second increments. Make sure the pouch is never over heated. If the gel pack is frozen, the heating time may need to be increased. Leave to stand for a minute and ensure the temperature is comfortable before use. Apply for 20 minutes.

When using combined hot and cold therapy, alternate between cold and hot packs for 10 minutes each for 3 cycles.

Safety Information

Do not use on open wounds/broken skin, do not use if infection could be present, do not use heat on a new injury (the first 48 hours), do not use cold prior to exercise, do not overheat the gel pack as this might cause it to burst, never place the gel pack directly onto the skin without the protective pouch, for external use only, if gel fluid comes in contact with the skin or eyes, flush with water, do not use if pack is punctured or torn. Keep out of reach of children. Do not ingest gel fluid.

Size Guide

Available in one size.