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Equiglow Latex Bandage

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This Equiglow Latex Bandage is the ultimate multi-use self-seal waterproof latex bandage. It not only offers easy application but also allows for seamless customization to meet your specific needs. Tailor your horse's ride effortlessly according to your preferences.

Bit Wrapping: Easily applied and exceptionally durable, this bandage lets you adjust its thickness to suit your horse perfectly. Its smooth, warm texture ensures maximum comfort without compromising your bit's action, making it ideal for sensitive mouths and encouraging mouthing in fussy horses.

Tack Cushioning: Whether it's nosebands, headpieces, girths, reins, stirrup leathers, or head collars, Equiglow bandage provides added comfort and grip wherever it's applied. The self-seal technology ensures residue-free removal, and its soft, smooth material alleviates pressure on sensitive areas. Pro tip: Use it while riding in the rain for enhanced grip on reins.

Wet Track Bandage: Embracing the perfect blend of tradition and modernity, our waterproof, self-seal material offers protection without adding extra weight. Ideal for hunting, it eliminates concerns about losing boots and bandages in wet and muddy conditions. Lightweight and waterproof, it's perfect for wet track races, ensuring no absorption.