Equi-N-Ice Bandage

Quick, easy, clean and convenient reusable bandage


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The Equi-N-Ice Bandage is a re-useable therapeutic Cooling Bandage which will speed the recovery of tendon and ligament injury, as well as soreness in your horse. There is no need for refrigeration. Once taken out of the sealed packet the bandage is wrapped on the area required and will stay cold for up to 2 hours. This bandage is simple, clean, and effective.

Instructions for use

Once taken out of the sealed packet, wrap the bandage on the area required, it will then stay cold for up to 2 hours. Once the bandage is no longer cold enough soak it in 80ml of Equi-N-Ice Recharge for 30 seconds and then squeeze off any excess fluid, the bandage will then be fully charged for another use.

Size Guide 

Available in one size - one bandage. 

Please note that the Equi-N-Ice Recharge is sold separately.