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Equestrizone Liquid Garlic Solution

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Garlic for horses has a range of natural health-promoting properties due to its powerful actions, and Equestrizone Liquid Garlic Solution is an easy way of feeding your horse all the benefits of this powerful plant. Garlic is believed to contain more than twenty-five substances that give strong support to the immune system – including selenium, sulphur and vitamin C. Equine garlic was traditionally used for respiratory support, and more recently for cardiovascular support, and for its antioxidant properties. Equestrizone Garlic Solution contains garlic oil, which is the active component of the garlic bulb. The oil contains the sulphur compounds that give garlic its therapeutic properties, including alliin, disulfides and trisulfides. Equestrizone Garlic Solution contains a higher concentration of oil than is found either in the fresh bulb or the dried chopped bulb (cheap garlic granules for horses).

Feeding Guidelines

Pony: 10ml per day.

Horse: 20ml per day. 

Add to solid feed once a day.

What's in it

Concentrated Garlic oil extract,  Purified water.

Size Guide

Available in a 1 Litre bottle with squeeze measure.