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Dodson and Horrell Equilac

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Dodson & Horrell's Equilac is a mares' milk replacer for foals. Provides calories, protein, vitamins and minerals to support the growing foal whether the foal has been orphaned or if the mare is not producing enough milk. Suitable for foals from one day old to weaning, however this is not a source of colostrum. 

Feeding Guidelines

Mix 130g of Equilac powder with 1 litre (1.75pints) of warm water (37-38°C/98-100°F).

Do not reheat. Full feeding guidelines are provided on the tub.

What's in it 

Skim milk powder, Fat-filled skim milk powder, Whey powder. Fat-filled whey powder, Dextrose.

Size Guide

Available in a 10 Kilogram tub.