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Corral Super B 170 Dry Battery Energiser

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equus bullet The Corral Super B 170 Dry Battery Energiser is a 9V battery energiser, that operates on 9V dry battery.

equus bullet High output power, low power consumption.

equus bullet Lightweight, portable and easy to use. 

equus bullet 12V operation possible with adaptor cable (not included).

equus bullet Indicator light to control fence and battery condition.

equus bullet Can be used for small and medium fence lines without vegetation.

equus bullet Three years guarantee.

The Corral Super B 170 Dry Battery Energiser will energise up to 3km of single line fencing, (depending on load conditions) and comes with a ground connection cable, a fence connection cable and a ground rod. Maximum voltage: 9400 volts. Voltage @ 500 ohms: 2600V. Input (load) energy: 0.25 joule. Output energy: 0.17 joule.

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Available in one size. 9V.